Welcome to Sonksen Strings!

Since 1995 I have dedicated myself to the repair and restoration of stringed instruments of the violin family. Located in Chicago, my daily work brings me into contact with professional musicians of all genres, music educators, and aspiring students of all ages.

In recognition of the unique restoration challenges presented by larger instruments, I specialize in set-up, repair and restoration of the double-bass. Within this website you will find a wide selection of double-basses and double-bass bows (French and German style) for sale in all price ranges, and a number of accessories related to the double-bass.

As an active musician—in addition to my daily work as a luthier—I realize the importance of a properly adjusted instrument for optimum performance. As a craftsman and a businessman, I strive to help you—my fellow musicians—achieve your musical goals by providing excellence in set-up, repair and restoration services, all in a friendly, honest and professional manner.

Thank you for visiting my workshop website and please do not hesitate to call or email for further information about the instruments and services offered.

Mark R. Sonksen