I am blessed to be able to say that I look forward to waking up everyday and going to work at my workshop. My workshop is consistently busy year-round and due to this, my hours of operation are “by appointment only”. By working in this manner, I am able to concentrate solely on the situation at hand, whether consulting with a customer, working on set-up and repair of instruments, or a major restoration. If you have a set-up query, possible repair or a major restoration that you are considering, please feel free to contact me to further discuss our options. I am here to help you achieve optimum performance from your instrument.


The search for an instrument or bow is an exciting journey, yet it can seem daunting and overwhelming at times. To assist you in this search, instruments and bows can be taken “on approval” for a final decision, allowing you to play on the bow or instrument in familiar surroundings. Full insurance coverage is provided for the approval period. The approval period is generally one week. Please call me to set up an appointment.


Instrument and bow values have risen substantially in the past decades, as there is an ever increasing number of players, and a decreasing supply of older, quality instruments. Additionally, the costs of proper repair and restoration of damaged instruments and bows can be substantial, thus making the proper insurance coverage all the more important. I highly recommend having your bow or instrument insured.
An insurance appraisal will consist of two copies of the written appraisal, including a detailed physical description, measurements of the bow or instrument, and any other accessories included with the bow or instrument. The fee for this service is $95. To update an appraisal already on file, the fee is $40. All instruments sold at my workshop will have an insurance appraisal included, free of charge. To schedule an appointment for an appraisal or an update of your current appraisal, please contact me.


Do you have an instrument or bow you would like to sell? I accept a limited number of instruments and bows for sale on consignment at my workshop and will diligently work to sell your instrument or bow. Prior to being placed on consignment, I will evaluate the condition of the instrument or bow and decide what set-up changes and/or repairs must be made prior to placement. The standard commission for an instrument or bow on consignment is 25% of the final selling price.


In recognition of the challenges presented to double-bassists when traveling for work, I offer a limited selection of professional quality instruments for rental by individuals, ensembles, and performance organizations of all sizes. With advance notice, appropriate strings, bows, pickups and amplification can be supplied with the double-bass. Rental pricing includes insurance coverage, delivery and pick up of the instrument with the city of Chicago. For pricing beyond the city of Chicago, please contact me.

Professional quality double-bass with padded gig bag:

Per day – $160
Per week – $350
Per month – $1,100